Adriana Saipe
Adriana Saipe began designing her ketubot when she decided that the world needed more ketubot and Quaker wedding certificates that were simple, contemporary, colorful, and inclusive of all types of couples.

It was during the summer of 2013, when she was planning her Quaker-Jewish interfaith wedding, that she began her hunt for the perfect ketubah. She loved the idea of participating in this ancient Jewish tradition and of having a beautiful rendering of wedding promises hanging on the wall. But no ketubah seemed to fit the quirky, interfaith celebration she was planning.

As a professional artist, she decided to simply create her own. Once she created one ketubah, she couldn’t stop there. She still had so many ideas about what love and partnership look like to a contemporary couple, so every day she keeps designing.

All of Adriana Saipe's Ketubah designs are also available as Quaker and Secular wedding certificates.