Millefiore Mezuzah

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Stunning at first glance, but don't stop there! Aptly named after the ancient Venetian "thousand flowers" glassworking technique, this mezuzah case rewards a longer look. 

Handpainted flowers blossom from a gold field. Look again, and you'll spot a delicate dragonfly alighting, or a Swarovski-crystal dewdrop glistening at the heart of a primrose.

Dimensions: 5 inches long

An enduring symbol of safety and protection for all who dwell within a home, a mezuzah consists of a prayer scroll in a decorative case, which is affixed to the front door jamb (and sometimes to interior doorposts as well). They make an especially good gift for a wedding or housewarming.

You make a difference! All proceeds support the National Museum of American Jewish History and its mission.

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