Antique Lace Ketubah by Daniel Azoulay

This elegant ketubah, with its intricate and floral design, isreminiscent of antique lace (hence the name).
The subdued play ofa palette of white, off white, and cream motifs dance and intertwinecreating a subtle composition.

Crowning the ketubah, can be seen a Menorah and Ani L'dodi V'dodi Li:I am my beloved and my beloved is mine (Song of Songs 5:3).

The genuine gold leaf quietly enhances the ornamentation, while the art workwith its four-layer paper cut construction gives us a sense of three-dimensionaldepth.

This piece will be treasured by the couple and generations to come.

A limited edition: numbered and signed by the artist

15" x 15"

 All rights reserved. Copyright by Daniel Azoulay
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Traditional RCA Orthodox Aramaic text with English vows
Traditional RCA Orthodox Aramaic text
Traditional RCA Conservative Aramaic text with the Lieberman Clause and English vows
The English and Hebrew are translations of each other in the Reform text
The English and Hebrew are translations of each other in the Egalitarian text. Officiant signature line available upon request for Egalitarian text
The English and Hebrew are translations of each other in the Interfaith text.
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  • Orthodox and English
  • Personalization $75
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Personalization means that the artist will fill in your Ketubah with information provided on your Ketubah form. This is done at a cost of $75 unless otherwise indicated. An "unpersonalized" Ketubah means you will receive a Ketubah with blank spots where your information would be found. Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for completion.

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