Living a Jewish Life

Jewish Traditions, Customs and Values for Today's Families
Anita Diamant

352 Pages

Living a Jewish Life has long been a favorite of Jewish students, educators and families. Now, this blueprint for meaningful living has been enriched with online resources: additional material on adoption, conversion, and Israel; and a variety of information that reflects recent events and changes in the Jewish community.

Filled with thoughtful commentary on everything from Shabbat to Torah, kosher to mitzvah, choosing the right synagogue to learning how to light the Sabbath candles, Living a Jewish Life explains the customs and beliefs on Judaism in the context of real life.This vital book shows readers how to integrate Judaism into their lives, celebrating the diversity of Jewish practices and families. Living a Jewish Life reveals the timeless nature of Jewish tradition, rich with history and relevant in the modern world.

Anita Diamant, a Boston-based writer and lecturer, is the author of six books about contemporary Jewish life, including The New Jewish Wedding, The New Jewish Baby Book, and How to be a Jewish Parent, as well as the best-selling novel The Red Tent.
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