Shardz Custom-Made "Entwined" Wedding Glass Mezuzah

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This stunning custom-made glass mezuzah is hand-blown from the shards of your broken wedding vessel by American artist Faye Miller. An exquisitely beautiful, deeply personal way to dedicate your shared home.

The spiral echoes the unbroken shape of the wedding ring, the Ashkenazi wedding tradition of the couple circling each other to entwine their lives, and a sense of transformation and wonder—onward and upward, together!

Dimensions: 7 x 1(W) x 1.5(D) inches

Please specify custom options when ordering:

  • "Glass option": Choose your vivid color of hand-blown Shardz Wedding Vessel ($35 add-on) from the following options (click each color to see its product page with photo): cobalt blue, silver, black (no photo available), ruby red, emerald green, purple, metallic, steel blue, turquoise, clear, amber, rainbow/multi-color. If you will be providing your own glass, or if someone else is gifting the glass, choose "My Broken Glass."
  • "Engraving color." Choose between Frost, Silver, and Gold for your Shin (the Hebrew letter ש).
  • If you are buying for someone else or sending your own glass, please include the relevant information in the box provided. If you are giving a Shardz mezuzah, the couple will receive a gift certificate representing the finished piece (along with the colored glass of your choice, if applicable).

Scroll not included. You can add a kosher scroll to your order at the bottom of this page, or click here.

You or the couple can hand-deliver your broken glass, or mail to:

NMAJH Museum Store
101 South Independence Mall East
Philadelphia, PA 19106-2517

Allow 14 – 16 weeks for delivery of the completed Shardz piece. Please call us at 215-923-0262 with questions, or email [email protected].

Thank you, and mazel tov!

An enduring symbol of safety and protection for all who dwell within a home, a mezuzah consists of a prayer scroll in a decorative case, which is affixed to the front door jamb (and sometimes to interior doorposts as well). They make an especially good gift for a wedding or housewarming.

You make a difference! All proceeds support the National Museum of American Jewish History and its mission.

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