Creation Ketubah by Judith Citron

The Creation ketubah, which integrates traditional artistic style with a universal biblical theme, is a limited edition of Judith Citron's most renowned ketubah. The strong parallels between marriage and the creation of the world serve as the inspiration for this significant work of art.   The depiction of the creation in the first book of the Torah can be seen in the decorative arch above the text area. This dome is divided into seven equal sections, each representing a different day of creation beginning on the right and ending on the left. The smaller dome within the major dome represents man and the serpent reminds us of man's ability to choose right from wrong.
The detailed borders surrounding the text area are similar to Persian and Italian Ketubot of the 17th and 18th centuries. Most border corners, as well as the pillar capitols, are unique. This signifies that the bride and groom can bring their own individuality into a marriage and blend their characters to build a solid foundation. Bordering the outermost vine are verses from the Song of Songs. This delicate, calligraphed border expresses feelings of love.

34" x 24"  

All rights reserved.  Copyright by Judith Citron.
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