300 Ways to Ask the 4 Questions

2nd Edition

By Murray Spiegel and Rickey Stein 
Paperback 368 Pages

or rather, 374 ways to ask the 4 questions, but who's counting?!

A World Tour. Learn about languages you've never heard of spoken by hundreds of millions of people, and languages spoken by hundreds or less. Native American, African, ancient, invented -- the sounds of all humankind, asking the same questions. Seder Puzzles and Games. Ways to use these translations to make a multicultural Seder like none you've ever experienced. 

The Four Questions — in 300 languages, Jewish, not Jewish, ancient, modern, made up, whimsical — all with a CD and DVD so you can see/hear them spoken by a native. 

Unexpected languages include: Old English, Akkadian (first written language), Xhosa (African click language), Tibetan, Latin . . . and also: Valley Girl, Shakespearean, Lawyerese, Klingon, Na'vi (from Avatar), Morse Code, Pig Latin . . . .

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