Italian Floral Ketubah by Enya Keshet


60x42 cm

Giclée print of an original ketubah, limited editionof 250, signed and numbered.

Gold added by hand.

This ketubah is based on the design of a most beautiful ketubahmade in Ancona, Italy, in 1772, but the style chosen for itsdecoration comes from the Judaic manuscript illustrators'workshop of 15th century Lisbon, Portugal. Typical colorfulfloral strings border the ketubah, and a black and white design(originally a cutout) fills the top areas and side panelsnext to the ketubah's writing space. The red borders are coveredwith thin gold line elements.

The top text says "And I will espouse you forever"(Hosea 2:21-22).

Around the center there are verses from Song of Songs, praisingthe bride (there, 4:9-10): You have captured my heart, myown, my bride, You have captured my heart with one glanceof your eyes, with one coil of your necklace. How sweetis your love, my own, my bride! How much more delightfulyour love than wine, your ointment more fragrant than anyspice",

And verses describing the groom (6:10-11, 15-16): "Mybeloved is clear-skinned and ruddy, preeminent among tenthousand. His head is fine gold, his locks are curled andblack as a raven. He is majestic as Lebanon, stately asthe cedars. His mouth is delicious and all of him is delightful.Such is my beloved, such is my darling, O maidens of Jerusalem".

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  • Conservative with Lieberman Clause and the Pledge of Love, Hebrew and English
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