A Day Apart Shabbat at Home

by Naom Sachs Zion and Shawn Fields-Meyer

paperback, 168 pages

A step-by-step guidebook to the Jewish Sabbath, with blessings and songs, rituals and reflections, stories and lots of art. Full color; designed to work both for beginners and for already-knwledgeable Jews who want to deepen their understanding of Shabbat practices.

Shabbat is the foundation of Jewish life. This wonderful illustrated book offers families art, music, customs, blessings, stories, reflections, and topics of conversation that will enhance Shabbat observance. The book is divided into sections that represent the different parts of Shabbat: preparations, candle lighting, Kiddush, seudah shlishit, etc. An introduction sets the mood by explaining the importance of having a day apart from the frantic activities of modern life. Each section gives readers ideas about observing the traditions and methods for incorporating them into family life. Drawings, photographs, poems and recipes enhance the text.
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