A Different Night Haggadah - Leader's Guide

The Family Participation Haggadah
by Naom Zion and David Dishon

Paperback, 168 pages

The Leader's Guide is designed for seder leaders and for educators. For the seder leader there are practical suggestions for managing a participatory seder with children and adults of different ages. Shortcuts through the seder are provided as well as short background essays on Egyptian slavery (Nahum Sarna), Exodus and Revolution(Michael Walzer), Exodus metaphors for personal growth and a comparison of Moses and Herzl. Extra activities for the seder include a newspaper of the Exodus,roleplaying for the seder, a symposium of contemporary views on slavery and freedom and on the 4 children of the haggadah.Stories of exoduses in different generations include the Katmandu seder and the last seder in Ethiopia.

For educators there are background essays on Passover and family education (Rabbi David Hartman), Bibliodrama (Peter Pitzele), and a contemporary midrash on Moses ( Julius Lester) as well as a guide to the perplexed Seder Leader.
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