Pewter Tree of Life Spice Box

Bringing high standards of traditional craftsmanship together with the significance and history of Jewish ceremony, this wonderful Spice Box is specially designed for use during Havdalah. The beautiful spice box is available individually or as a part of the Tree of Life Havdalah Set and is crafted into an elegant cylindrical shape with an intricate and attractive removable lid which features a cut-out Tree of Life style design. The striking mirror-like finish of the spice box is given to it thanks to the use of only the highest quality pewter, and it is this which also ensures that the beauty of the spice box is guaranteed to endure for years to come.

Since 1977, English Pewter products are handmade in the famous manufacturing city of Sheffield. Pewter, an easily worked alloy, has been in the world since biblical times. Today, Sheffield still leads the way in the production of quality silverware, steel, and pewterware.

Handmade in England
Price: $68.00
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