Crystal Braille Mezuzah

5-1/8"l x 1-3/16"w x 9/16"t
How to hang the Braille Mezuzah:
Double-sided, clear adhesive tape that will hang clear is located on the bottom of the foam insert inside the box containing the mezuzah. Cut the tape to fit, and then place the sticky side carefully on the top and bottom of the mezuzah. Once placed, remove the red film paper and affix to the doorpost.

Designed by Mi Polin, this completely transparent, crystal mezuzah case features the Hebrew word "Shaddai" in Braille lettering on the front. Shaddai means "Almighty" and is one of the biblical names for G-d. It also serves on the mezuzah scroll as a Hebrew acronym for "Shomer Daltot Yisrael," "Guardian of Israel's Doors." Many mezuzah cases are marked with the word "Shaddai" or the Hebrew letter "Shin" to represent "Shaddai." Touching the mezuzah as one passes it is considered a commandment or "mitzvah," as it provides a physical way to remind us of our connection to G-d. 
Braille is a tactile writing system used by people who are blind or visually impaired. In this project by Mi Polin, the mitzvah of touching the mezuzah gets an additional, new meaning by also conveying information. The crystal design allows you to see the mezuzah parchment through the case. Made in Poland.

Mi Polin means “from Poland” in Hebrew. Mi Polin is the first brand that designs and produces Judaica in Poland since the end of World War II, the Holocaust, and 45 years of communism. Mi Polin is a contemporary design studio specializing in Jewish objects, branding for Jewish institutions, and graphic design. Their design refers to "hiddur micva", which demands that ritual artifacts be beautiful, but also emphasizes their multi-faceted nature. Mi Polin was founded by Aleksander Prugar and Helena Czernek. 
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