Judiciary Dissent Collar Clutch Handbag by Kent Stetson

Judge for yourself. This clutch features a crystal jewelry collar identical to the one that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) wears on days when she dissents from decisions being handed down by the Supreme Court. . Hand crafted to perfection. All bags come with a removable cross-body chain, logo dust bag, clear vinyl inner pocket, and are individually signed. Inside fabric may differ from what is pictured. 

Dimensions: 12.5 x 7.5 x 1
Proudly handmade in the USA.
Individually signed by the Artist.

About Kent Stetson

In 2003 after the disappointment of dismantling an exhibition of my paintings where nothing sold, I started cutting up the canvas pieces and sewing them in to bags.  They sold immediately.

Raised on a farm, watching my mother repair and maintain the harnesses for the horses, I gathered a sense of the craft of leatherwork.  I had the tools that I needed, I simply had to connect the dots to my paintings.  It turns out that I did not need a wall to display my art, and that a bag was a perfect way to package my art.

Originally, bags were a framing device- they since have become my medium.  We make what has become an instantly-recognizable wardrobe staple enjoyed by celebrities and collectors worldwide.  The signature clutch bags are made from luxury-quality coated canvas, and range in style from traditionally artistic to kitsch.  My larger day bags and leatherwork offers functional versatility and artistry.

I employee a team of highly-skilled technicians who work alongside me to produce each piece.  
Our Rhode-Island workshop has a high bar for excellence, earning many awards.  There are nearly 50 steps in making each of our signature bags, in a process that has been refined over the past 15 years.  
Price: $180.00
Currently out of stock. Contact us for availability before ordering 215.923.0262 or [email protected]
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